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    Issues with Channel Permission Modify power

    Hi All,

    I'm having some issues with creating some limited or restricted channel admin type channel groups.

    I just want them to be able to edit certain parts of the channel and that's it. I know what I'm doing mostly when it comes to TS permission system but i'm pretty much stumped on this one.

    The group has 75 channel permission modify power and 75 channel modifies power, the channel has the same but for needed power. Unfortunately when one of them tries to change the subscribe power from 0 to 1 it will error with insufficient permission modify power.

    I was able to fix this by assigning 75 permission modify power, which makes sense when you look at the error.

    My question is, why do they need permission modify power and channel permission modify power?
    What is even the point of having channel permission modify power if it doesn't really work?

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    The permission modify power regulates which permissions you are able to edit at all.
    And the channel permission modify power regulates the channels you are allowed to edit the permissions.
    The normal channel modify power is used for the normal modification of the channel, like the channelname or password (no channelpermissions)

    This is a really good way, to set the permissions in a servergroup, so they can edit the needed_join_power (permission_modify_power) but only in the channels that in want them to (channel_permission_modify_power).
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