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    Question About AAL


    I have a relatively active semi-public TS3 server that I host on a VDS for a growing gaming community. My co-admins and I are probably going to have to consider a larger slot count in the very near future and we do not qualify for a non profit license as we have no website nor any need for one as our community is solely based around the TS and a steam community group page. I am more than willing to just pay for an AAL but my question is this: will it apply to the ts3 server that I'm already hosting? I don't really want to change the IP address.

    Basically, are AALs hosted servers or literally just a license key and that's it?

    Also a follow up question: Assuming it's just a license, will the 32 slot AAL stack on top of the free version 32 slots to total 64?

    Thanks in advance,


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    AAL is a license key file for your existing server hosted on your own machine (server or VPS).
    No, it won't stack. While your clan might fulfill the requirements of the freeware license and the AAL, AAL was originally designed for commercial institutions that conflict with even the freeware license of TeamSpeak, so these two cannot be combined.

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    Okay, thanks! And also thanks for the quick response!

    In that case I will look into the 64 man AAL. Either that or we'll look into putting up a website and creating some activity there for a while and then later on apply of NPL. We already don't accept donation so website and email related to a custom domain name were the only requirements we didn't meet for the NPL.

    Thanks again!


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