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    Solved Alternative way to create channel

    Finally, after setting up channel parameters, create the channel in one step with

    unsigned int ts3server_createChannel( serverID,
    uint64 serverID;
    struct TS3ChannelCreationParams* channelCreationParams;
    enum ChannelCreateFlags flags;
    uint64* result;


    Address of the struct TS3ChannelCreationParams with the creation parameters for this .


    Defines if the channel password is passed as plaintext or already encrypted. If already encrypted, this is the password retrieved via the channel variable CHANNEL_PASSWORD, which is returned as encrypted password. In this case you would specify the password on channel creation as already encrypted to avoid it being encrypted automatically a second time.

    enum ChannelCreateFlags{

    Address to be filled with the created channel ID.
    Documentation source page

    Is the return value 'result' be the channelID ?

    With this way to create a channel, we have to give it a channelID :
    	// Set essential parameters are channel parent ID and channel ID
    	if (ts3server_setChannelCreationParams(*_channelCreationParams, channelParentID, channelID) != ERROR_ok) {
    		throw std::runtime_error("An error occured : set channel creation params failed.");
    Can I mix the two effects by giving 0 at channelID param and after flush (and channel created) retreive the channelID given by the server.
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