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    [Request] Website ID Check if connected on Teamspeak [+Extra]

    Hello guys,

    I just tried to find out with goolge, but didnt found anything usefull.

    So I want to do something that you should just do if youre connected to teamspeak.

    E.g. User XYZ wants to search for an Opponent in a 5v5 Match in XYZ Game. The Website checks if the User XYZ is connected with the teamspeak IP.

    If the user XYZ is connected with the Teamspeak IP he is allowed to search for a game. If the user is not connected to the Teamspeak IP he is not allowed to join the Queue.

    As an extra [If its possible] I want a Bot that Auto Switch Player into a new created Channel when the queuing Players found a Match.

    e.g. 10 Players found a Match -> Player Veto Begins -> Website tells Teamspeak Bot to move These 10 Players into 1 seperate new created Channel -> 2 Team Captains votes their Players -> Website tells Teamspeak Bot to create 2 new Sub Channels and move Player X to Sub Channel "Red" and voted Player Z to Sub Channel "Blue" etc.

    It would work as a standalone System that Auto moves Players just by getting the commands from the Website.

    Is this somehow possible without High Costs etc? What would I Need for it to make it run etc.

    Would be awesome if you could help me with this one!
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    Well, I don't think this exists already. One would have to write it by using query (there are some libs around). Also note that "IP adress <-> user" is no longer valid as of 1999 because of NAT (multiple (also random) people share one IPv4) and IPv6 (RIPE forces ISPs to give at least CIDR /64 (16 exbi addresses) to a single customer, but CIDR /56 (4 zebi addresses) is more common).

    So either you write this thing yourself or pay someone to do it. I would estimate some hundred euros for that.
    If you do it yourself, you have to choose a programming language. Which is the one you are most experienced in? Note that PHP scripts (unless run via the PHP standalone application) do some stuff once and then terminate. Persistent programming is often done with other languages. Those and running the PHP standalone application will need a server, not only a webspace. In general, we cannot and do not help people who have not even started their project. If you have done significant progress in your project and run into TeamSpeak-related problems (which is not "How do I start?"), we can help you.

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