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    Add Android Auto support to Android App

    Hey there,
    we are doing in our team our meetings also in teamspeak. But if I am on the road with my car (which supports android auto) I have to disconnect my smartphone and have to start teamspeak (after that I can still use my audio from car via Bluetooth) but like everyone knows this is not nice to handle, especialy if you are the driver and have min one minute wenn traffic light is red ;-).

    So it would be really cool if the android app supports android auto (there is something simelar also for IOS btw.) or alternativly support some kind of good local API so that I can program my own android auto app, that controls teamspeak (mute and switch channel and see who is in the channel should be enough).


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    As far as I know so far, this is (sadly) not possible yet. Google offers only audio and messaging app categories so far (correct me if I'm wrong). Audio apps being output only, messaging apps being speech-to-text(!) only.

    I'd love to have TeamSpeak in there, too, though!

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