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    3.1.7 Beta Microphone issue

    since the last update (version 3.1.7) the microphone doesn't work anymore.
    I use the PTT option and when I press the button the mic sometimes switch on the light blue icon, sometimes not and sometimes blinks but ever without catching the voice (and transmitting it). I observe this issue from myself connected on the same server and same channel, obviously this issue is observed from my friends too.
    What I use: a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ with Android 7.0 (stock rom).
    How can I try to solve this new issue? Was all fine since years.
    Thank you.

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    Does it happen when you start the app and do not switch to desktop or into any other application?
    Does it help to move the Voice Activation slider in settings to the left side?

    We have have a problem in this beta where VAD+PTT is active when user have PTT activated. This wil be fixed with next beta update.
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    It happened indistinctly from the fact if I switch to desktop or into any other application. Playing with the Voice Activation slider (to the left) the problem is "solved" because now the voice is transmitted but there is another issue: the voice is heavy metallic/very low quality (the channel where I tested it has the codec Opus Voice with quality 10).

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