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    [Discussion] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.7

    This thread is for discussion and feedback for the 3.1.7 release of the TeamSpeak Client.
    Please see the announcement for changelog / features.
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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    What exactly did you change for the TSDNS resolve process?

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    Well the part
    A Target of "." means that the service is decidedly not available at this domain.
    of RFC2782 is still not implemented. The Target "." is noted in client log with
    16.12.2017 09:40:24 TSDNS Info SRV DNS resolve successful, "" =(h: p:41144)
    . But after that the server at A/AAAA is still bothered with TCP SYN on port 41144

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    Since 3.0.0.-beta1 or 2, decidedly unavailable does cause an instant "cannot resolve" in the chat log. At least for TS3.

    I think that the issue is that SRV takes longer to answer than A or AAAA. TeamSpeak has no order in which it does the lookups so TeamSpeak does the SYN before it knew that the service is decidedly unavailable at this domain.

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    Teamspeak won't launch after update (certificate error)

    I'm still getting the following error in the latest update (3.1.7):

    terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::system::system_error: Error creating HTTP connection factory: X509 - Read/write of file failed
    This fix in this thread still works, but wanted to forward the information to the developers that the problem still exists:

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    What exactly did you change for the TSDNS resolve process?
    In the resolve chain there was a synchronous blocking call (by accident), which I replaced with an asynchronous call. We noticed this while the server nickname backend was temporarily unavailable recently and the UI froze while trying to resolve.

    Basically no functional change, just some code cleanup to ensure the UI thread is not going to block while a resolve is in process. This only affected server nickname lookup, which happens before regular TSDNS lookup, which itself was not affected.
    Assuming the servers are running normally, you should not notice any different behaviour.

    Quote Originally Posted by drohm View Post
    I'm still getting the following error in the latest update (3.1.7):
    In theory the startscript should find the proper location of your CA certificates file.

    Please see this pastebin for the behaviour on my Ubuntu 17.04 box. This forum does not allow me to post some lines of bash commands...

    So, the startscript executes openssl to query the location of the ssl certificates directory, then saves the result in SSL_CERT_FILE/SSL_CERT_DIR and starts TeamSpeak, which will then use SSL_CERT_FILE/SSL_CERT_DIR to find the CA certificates file. It won't do the whole thing if you have an existing environment variables SSL_CERT_FILE or SSL_CERT_DIR, in which case we use the existing value (assuming the user set it for a reason).

    Without a CA certificates file TeamSpeak won't function properly. Admittedly, crashing on start is ugly and instead it should start and notify the user about the problem (yes, we should fix this). But this isn't going to solve your problem, because you need a CA certificates file. Most of our http-based connections (with a few exceptions where you are only querying stuff like latest version) are encrypted and would not work without a CA certificates file.
    So we should try to find out why your certificates are not found. Either you have them in another directory than expected or you do not have them installed.

    Could you please:
    a) Execute above commands on your box and post the results here? For more details on these commands look into the startscript.
    b) Check if you have environment variables SSL_CERT_FILE and/or SSL_CERT_DIR set. If yes, try to unset them before running the startscript.
    c) Are you using the startscript at all or are you executing the TeamSpeak client binary directly? If directly, try the startscript instead.
    d) Which Linux distribution are you running, and which version of it?

    Right now I can only guess what goes wrong on your box. Our Q/A team is currently unable to reproduce the problem locally, so it's difficult for us to provide a satisfying solution. I'm not saying the startscript is perfect and there is no room for improvement, but without knowing what exactly goes wrong we cannot really make it better.

    We did some experimental changes to the startscript. Could you please try to replace your startscript with this one and see if that helps?
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