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    particolar permission (Hide users from others)

    hi, I need help
    I should make a permit to achieve this condition:
    a user A that is invisible to a user B (in the same room, who does not see it that does not hear it and can not be heard)
    it's possible?

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    Nope that is not possible and nothing we want.

    You must hide users in a channel where others users can't join or subscribe that channel if users should not be visible or heard by others.
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    and that he does not feel it, can not be heard, is it possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by statib View Post
    and that he does not feel it [...] is it possible?
    It is, absolutely! The product is called TeamSpeak, not TeamFeel, so it only broadcasts voice.
    (Though I did feel something like love when I was on TS with some girls.)

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    Hiding users in channel for all who is in the channel

    Hello, I want to hide the users in a channel for all those who are inside the channel.
    Is there a permission for that? I know subscribe_power etc but that only hides it for people outside the channel.
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    Hide other users in same channel

    Alright! I'm going to explain this to the best of my ability. So prepare!

    For our server, we use TokoVOIP.
    That means we have a lot of people in one channel at times.
    I was wondering though; is there a way to disable seeing other members in that same channel?

    Say, I join a channel with 30 other people, but I can't see any of their names.

    It's becoming a bit of an issue that users can see eachother in the same channel, I'm going into debt to explain that, but to make it short: When they are in-game, in the server, and they are close to eachother, they can see it on TS. Their "local mute" icon will turn into the normal blue dot.
    However, people have been abusing it and are using it to know who is around them.

    So I figured not allowing them to see people in the channel would be an option, or maybe one of you guys has a better idea, I'm up for whatever, as long as it works!

    I know this might not be possible and we might just have to deal with it, but at least it's worth a shot.

    Thank you!

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