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    particolar permission (Hide users from others)

    hi, I need help
    I should make a permit to achieve this condition:
    a user A that is invisible to a user B (in the same room, who does not see it that does not hear it and can not be heard)
    it's possible?

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    Nope that is not possible and nothing we want.

    You must hide users in a channel where others users can't join or subscribe that channel if users should not be visible or heard by others.
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    and that he does not feel it, can not be heard, is it possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by statib View Post
    and that he does not feel it [...] is it possible?
    It is, absolutely! The product is called TeamSpeak, not TeamFeel, so it only broadcasts voice.
    (Though I did feel something like love when I was on TS with some girls.)

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    Hiding users in channel for all who is in the channel

    Hello, I want to hide the users in a channel for all those who are inside the channel.
    Is there a permission for that? I know subscribe_power etc but that only hides it for people outside the channel.
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