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    Cannot connect to a specific TS3 Server

    Hi all,

    since a couple of weeks ago i'm not able to connect to a specific server
    which i could before. I didn't change anything from my PC setup nor router. All my friends can still connect and i can connect to other severs as well but this one.

    Here's the client log
    Name:  Captura.PNG
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Size:  123.2 KB

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I connected to this no problem.
    Try making a new connection just in case some parameters got changed.

    Maybe ask your friends to see if your IP got blacklisted?

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    December 2017
    Hi, asked my friend im not blacklisted.

    It's weird because everyone can connect to the server but me, and i can connect to other servers

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    tracert the server (this is possible with a few gaps) and check if you can visit this website: (same subnet)

    Your IP is almost certainly blacklisted. Note that sTimulated said blacklisted, not banned. People who rent a TeamSpeak server cannot influence the blacklist (iptables blocklist to be more specific). Only the hoster can. Some hosters block random user IPs, so you might want to ask them.

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