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    Download the setup from and then install using that. If you pick the same path and options during setup then all the settings will remain the same.
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    Updates to Teamspeak 3 client

    I tried to update my Teamspeak3 client installation and followed the update wizard.

    The update froze during the "updating the updater" phase at 65% installed.

    So I crashed out and started again.

    But now I get a message saying "Update cancelled"

    How can I resolve this issue please
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    Please use the installer in case you could not solve it.
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    New update does not work

    All it says is that it has been canceled.

    Could not patch 'C:/Users/*USERNAME*/AppData/Local/Temp/teamspeak_temp_0/quazip.dll_old' to 'C:/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client/quazip.dll'
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