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Thread: Remove IP's

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    Remove IP's

    I'd like to know if it is still possible for server owners to view peoplers IP's if that is still a thing please remove this because its honestly stupid

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    Regarding to the deleted double post you do not understand the difference about us and Discord.
    Discord is the server owner and knows your IP.
    We allow anyone to decide where your server should be.

    And more important
    It's technically impossible that a server owner can't see the IP.
    Even if we disable that, then the server owner still can see it on his system/network.

    Don't join servers or host your own to avoid that others know your IP.

    Note: I did delete the other but first post, because this current has less insults in it.
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    That is BTW also the same for website owners. Website owners can see you IP as well.

    This whole DDoS thing seems like nothing more than paranoia to me.

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    Well, back in the days only advanced users were able to get a server up and running but nowdays all the scriptkiddies can just rent a booter for 2$/month and google "how to get users ip in software xy"

    @nibbaz420 In case you're on public servers with teams with an average age below 16 and/or a shady website you should get a decent VPN for a couple bucks a month. In my opinion it's worth saving the hassle.

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    If he doesnt want to his IP to be seen however, he should not access the internet (i. e. by pulling the chord from his router or modem) - its that simple.

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    Remove Client IPs

    I feel like people seeing your IP on Teamspeak is annoying since you can easily get DDOSed. I think it should get removed so no Server Admin or anyone can see your Client Address because it just allows people to DDOS.
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    It's already possible using the permissions system.

    If you're not the server owner contact and ask him to disable this feature.

    If you wont give your personnal IP you can use a proxy/VPN.

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