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    Administrator and Moderator "add/remove" from server group

    I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time, but i can't really put words to it when searching around, my last option is to ask for guidance here.

    I have a rank for admins, called administrator:

    I would like to give this rank the option to assign any rank from bottom all the way up to "moderator" of course not let them assign administrator to others. (admin group has already been customised so he cant add server group owner etc to himself or others)

    And after that, i would like the group of moderator:

    to be able to assign servergroup from the bottom of the list all the way up the rank of member and also not allow them to assign others or themselves the rank of moderator.

    Here is a picture of my server group rank system.

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    I wonder, if You have configured that Admins cannot give themselves Owner etc., how did you not figured out, that there is a permission called i_member_add_power, and respectively i_member_needed_add_power.

    Of course if i did not messed up with names, in such case just search add_power. It will show both of them.
    First one is actual power, and by second you can set a limit.

    For example:
    Admin's add_power = 90, needed_add_power = 100.
    Moderator's add_power = 80, needed_add_power = 90.

    Literally same goes for i_member_remove_power.

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