I've been searching for a while a way on how to force my user to connect using only the subdomain. (ts3.domain.com)

The thing is, the only posts I found were questionning the usefulness of this restraining. As a web developper I host a few services on my server using various domains and subdomains and I'm not thrilled to know that unwanted guest could find my "secret teamspeak" by testing my domains and IPs.

As such I'd like to limit the access to a subdomain for a few reasons :

- Solve migration issues. Sure my users should have used the subdomain, so what ? If there is a nail on my parking spot, I'm not going to dodge it but remove it so I'm sure not to run over it some day.

- To learn

- What's the meaning of giving using a ts3 subdomain if we can still access it just fine using the main domain ?

I've set up dns records and tsdns like this :

_ts3._udp IN SRV 0 5 9987 subdomain.domain.com.
_tsdns._tcp IN SRV 0 5 41144 subdomain.domain.com.
subdomain IN A


Actually, I'm lost right now, we can still access the server by any subdomain or domain, I don't know what I've done wrong.

Please help me :'(

Thanks and merry christmas.