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    Server dropping all clients / Failed to read image errors

    Around a month ago my server began to randomly drop clients, sometimes just 1, other times it drops everyone.

    Initially I thought the issue was caused by an OS update I ran on my server, but then I noticed 15GB worth of ts3 logs on my gaming rig. The first log file I opened contained over 5.1 Million lines of the same icon failing to be read.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	client log.png 
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Size:	214.9 KB 
ID:	16265

    After seeing that, I went to look at the server log and found that the same icon is being downloaded an obscene amount of times every second
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	server log.png 
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Size:	104.3 KB 
ID:	16266

    As far as I can tell, there is no icon on the server matching that ID. Has anyone encountered any issues like this or have any suggestions about what I should try before reverting to my months-old backup?

    Server Version :
    Server OS : Ubuntu 16.04

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    Well to m€ it looks like your client is buggy. No normally working client should request an icon so many times. Try updating you client and server to see if something changes. If that doesnt work backup your important client stuff to myTeamspeak and reinstall it.

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    Thanks Bluscream, I hadn't considered that my client could be the issue. Definitely going to reinstall after christmasing.

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    He said update, not reinstall. That should be done within a minute (for both, client and server).
    You might also want to delete this folder:

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