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    Teamspeak Statistics Recorder

    Teamspeak Statistics Recorder
    I have recently made a statistics recorder which monitors how many clients there are in your Teamspeak server every half an hour with the help of the Planet Teamspeak API. We store all the data for every teamspeak server on our database. We evern provide api tokens so you can integrate your own statistics design with the data that we provide. I am still working on the design and a way to provide users more data for their Teamspeak server for free.

    Thanks, I hope you guys find this tool useful.
    Website: (I know many people don't like the .tk domain but I really didn't have much of a choice as I don't have much money to spend).

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    hi, donīt work at least today...

    I'm trying to get this information, but ...
    I need another way:

    user nick or user ip
    Date of entering at ts3
    time to enter at ts3

    Additionally data of output from ts3

    can do you tell me how get this info ??

    Thank you

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