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    Question Talk through Website via PTT?.

    Hi there,

    Is there currently a plugin, program or web based script that allows a user to goto your website and talk into a teamspeak server/channel without having Teamspeak installed on the client PC (as they would be loaded it via a website).

    Much the same as there is a web-based IRC client, enter name and start chatting - same concept, but for TS.


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    7 month old thread and no actual result.

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    I doubt that having multiple threads dealing with the same suggestion will get us any further, but here we go. The mods will probably merge threads anyway.

    Contrary to more recent cloud-based competitors, TeamSpeak 3 dates back to 2009 when WebRTC which is now used by it's competitors for browser-based clients was not really "a thing" yet.

    Therefore, it's a lot more effort to make TeamSpeak 3 support such thing as they have to extend something they already have (which brings up dozens of issues) rather than building a "shiny new thing" from scratch.

    I guess that it will take some time before we see any web-based clients for TeamSpeak 3.

    On the other hand, TeamSpeak 3 using a somewhat "dated" software design avoids other issues which I have seen with more modern cloud-based competitors: it's never actually "down" since it's not running in some anonymous cloud that server owners have no control over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverse7 View Post
    7 month old thread and no actual result.
    Yes, the result was that there was no result. TeamSpeak rarely replies to suggestions or says what they are working on.

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