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    [Request] Simple LUA Script

    Hi! I am trying to make a simple lua script for mac that will play a tone over the mic if someone does !tone in the channel text chat. Here is what I have in my init.lua

    require("ts3defs")      -- Required
    require("ts3errors")    -- Required
    require("ts3init")      -- Required
    require("ts3autoload")  --
    function onTextMessageEvent(serverConnectionHandlerID, targetMode, toID, fromID, fromName, fromUniqueIdentifier, message, ffIgnored)
    	if message == "!tone" then
    		local error = ts3.playWaveFile(serverConnectionHandlerID, "./plugins/lua_plugin/test.wav")
    		if error == ts3errors.ERROR_ok then
    			ts3.printMessageToCurrentTab("Played wave file")
    			ts3.printMessageToCurrentTab("Error playing wave file: " .. error)
    		ts3.requestSendChannelTextMsg(serverConnectionHandlerID,"Playing Tones",1)
    When I do !tone, I get this error: Error playing wave file: 2051. I assume something is wrong with my directories or my code somehow. Yes, the .wav is in the dir. What's going on?

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    playWaveFile only plays it local for you. You can't transmit audio with LUA.

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