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    Exclusive Servergroups


    I have a question regarding the ability to assign certain servergroups. Is it possible to realize the following scenario:
    -We have multiple Clans on our Teamspeak, members of each Clan are idenified by corresponding server groups
    -Each clan officer can assign the clan badges of his own clan, but not the badges of the other clans

    For example:
    - Officers of clan 1 (Servergroup "Clan 1 officer") can assign the badges "Clan 1 member" and "Clan 1 officer", but can NOT assign the badges "Clan 2 member" and "Clan 2 officer"
    -Officers of clan 2 (Servergroup "Clan 2 officer") can assign the badges "Clan 2 member" and "Clan 2 officer", but can NOT assign the badges "Clan 1 member" and "Clan 1 officer"

    So, (how) is it possible to have "excklusive" servergroups (Servergroup 1 can Assign A but not B, Servergroup 2 can Assign B but not A)?

    Unfortunately it's not practicable to use client specific permissions since there are just too many people to always keep the full list updated... So it would be cool to have a solution using server groups.

    Unfortunately I can't see how to do this with "group member add power" and "needed group member add power", because to prevent Group A from Assigning a badge B can Assign B's add power must be greater than A's, and to prevent Group B from Assigning a badge A can Assign A's add power must be greater than B's - unfortunately this is a contradiction

    Thanks in advance for your help ,
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