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    [Request] Creating a bot on the server

    I hoping someone can help...

    I'm wanting to know if we can create a bot for our server that would automatically create/allocate a first time user to a server group.

    More importantly, if it is possible, how do I do this ?

    The idea being is so that when users join the server, I've myself or another admin isn't around to "tag" them into a server group so that we can "verify" them and assign a suitable "level" at a later time.

    At present, when a new user joins us, if they disconnect there is no record that they have been on (unless we manually track back through the server query).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    It is possible, yes.
    You check if there is a TS3 Query Framework for your favorite programming language and if there is, you create a bot. You need good skills in your language to do that.

    It is easier to use the client database for that. I don't know why you use query for that, as this is easily done with the voice client. You go to the server client database, copy the UID and add it to a group.
    Even easier: Use tokens.

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    Not being the most fluent with this sort of thing... Is there a way of employing someone to do it for me? Or at least discussing what is required so that they can then work on the best way to create or set up what ever is required?



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    My bot auto assign a server group on a channel join

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