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    Microphone on Galaxy S7 sounds horrible

    I just bought the android app for my Galaxy S7 and I logged onto a TS server and my microphone sounds very very scratchy and inaudible at times. I can get one word in clearly and then it becomes horrible and I have to reset the app to actually get one word in. I have tested with my mobile data and my wifi, I know my wifi works because I use a computer sometimes and it is crystal clear, and they have no effect on it. My phone sounds clear on phone calls, Skype, Messenger, etc. I have tried every setting in the audio settings that I can change. I am at a loss and at this point regretting even buying the app for android if it won't let me use it properly for communication.

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    Hi Logibear,
    can you try this with our new stable(3.1.8) again and tell me if the client is still acting like you described it?

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