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    [Bot] MagicBot: Auto create sub-channels when a client join a channel [PHP]

    Hi there,

    I created a little bot that will create a sub-channel for a client and move him inside. So for example you have channel "League of Legends", and then when a user join this channel he will get moved in a temporary sub-channel that would be nammed for example "Freljord", and so an other user playing league would either generate a new channel (that could be auto nammed "Demacia" for example) or join the other client.

    This way, you always have enough channels for everyone while keeping your server clear.

    There is 2 way of configuring the channel names, Dynamic or static :
    - Static: You set a list of names.
    - Dynamic: You set a name such as "Room number " and the bot add a digit (1, 2, 3..) for each new channel.

    Also, you can create personalised channel name, like user id X (or server group X) would get a personalised channel name
    (ex: for admins, they all have their own channel name below "Admin Desk")

    You'll need php 5+ on your server and a tool such as screen so the bot stay alive when you quit ssh connection.

    This is a beta and will probably stay as a beta as i now stopped administrating teamspeak servers.
    The code and config files are really dirty, i made it a looong time ago ;-;

    If you have any doubts with configuration comment below, but please use your head before

    Please note: This is for PERSONNAL use only, please do not sell this product.

    **** Problem solving ****

    First try to connect your bot with modules setted off, and configure them one by one so you know where it fails.

    "invalid URI" : The bot cannot connect. Most common mistake is the bot name being invalid, please avoid spaces. Check the server connection settings.
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