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    Red face C# Wrapper Server SDK - Pre release version

    Hi teamspeak team,

    I'm working on C# wrapper for server SDK and I just pre-release a Library version.
    I read the Licence doc in the sdk folder and if I understand it well, I can't put to public that work is that correct ? (give the git repo for example)
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    The C# SDK client wrapper is released under a BSD-3 clause license.
    You may release the C# wrapper files (like we did with the SDK client C# wrapper), however you must not distribute the SDK files.

    Of course we won't be able to provide support for people using it, since it's nothing we make available.
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    Ok, I got it. I removed my code from my public repo to put on private.
    If someone is looking for this server sdk c# wrapper, I wiil we give it released on my own support

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