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    rkhunter reports suspicious file in /dev/shm

    I am running TS v3.0.13.8 x64 on Debian 8. Since I installed the server (which I downloaded from the official site) rkhunter sends a daily message like this:
    'Warning: Suspicious file types found in /dev:
    /dev/shm/7gbhujb54g8z9hu43jre8: data'
    /dev/shm is otherwise empty, only when TS3 is running it contains a single 128 byte file which belongs to root and has permissions 644.

    Anyone else seen this behaviour? Should I be worried?

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    The file being there is normal.
    The file being owned by root though is not, it means that you're running the TeamSpeak 3 server as root, which you shouldn't be doing.
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