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    [Request] Server Notification (send as Mail or Whatsapp)

    Did somebody ever have tried to send out Mails or better Whatsapp Messages regarding on events?
    E.G. 'User X has joined Channel Y'

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    June 2018
    i think Whatsapp Messages are not possible.
    i think there is no api for use.

    i have started to write a script in bash for email send.
    it notificate when a user came online or went offline.
    the script grap the logging of the server and get the information it need.
    i used it in the crontab.

    unfortenelly it is very bad written :P i try to optimise it but i'm not a pro.

    greetings from berlin.

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    maybe next year TS5

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    if you want whatsapp, just use yowsup.

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    I'm a developer, and I already made a support system with this type of ts3 events via telegram. Telegram is much better for creating apps, as it is open source.
    I recomend you to use nodejs, with ts3 library, and telegram library. You can contact me if you want help... 😝

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