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    ToDo List [Unofficial] Developer Guidelines

    At the time of writing, documentation regarding development of plugins, styles, icon packs and sound packs for TeamSpeak is wide-spread throughout the forums. This thread aims to collect all information in a central place for your convenience.

    Note: This guide is in no way "official". It is just a collection of information that may be difficult to find or isn't currently publicly available.

    Developer Account

    MyTeamSpeak Account

    Before you can upload add-ons, you need to create a myTeamSpeak account if you didn't do so already and apply to become an add-on developer.

    Developer Name

    When applying to become an add-on developer, you must choose a developer name that will be used to represent you throughout the myTeamSpeak platform.

    If your chosen developer name is not accepted, it may be either too short, too long or may contain unsupported characters. Note that your developer status may be reset by TeamSpeak if your developer name is found to contain inappropriate language or advertising (e.g. "brand names" like which advertise your website).

    Account Verification

    For verification purposes, you will be asked to enter a phone number. This may be either a mobile phone number in which case you will receive a text message containing the confirmation code or a land line number in which case you will receive an automated phone call and the confirmation code will be read out loud.

    Make sure that you are able to receive text messages / phone calls on that number as you may have to wait for the confirmation code to expire before you can start a new attempt.

    Email Communication

    The status of your add-on submission will be communicated via email. Make sure that you are able to receive emails from both and as both domains may be used in email communication.

    Package Requirements

    Package Format

    Your add-on needs to follow the package format as laid out in this thread in order for the TeamSpeak package installer to recognize it.

    Note: While the package installer supports the .ts3_addon format which combines multiple add-on types, the myTeamSpeak platform does NOT support it and requires your add-on to be split into separate .ts3_plugin, .ts3_style, .ts3_soundpack, .ts3_iconpack and .ts3_translation packages which all have to be uploaded as a separate add-on.

    Acceptable Content

    Your add-on may be rejected if it contains content which may be considered inappropriate language, hate speech or similar. It may also be rejected in case it violates intellectual property rights and TeamSpeak is made aware of such violation. This includes work that has already been published on myTeamSpeak. Note that this also applies to modifications of existing add-ons.


    TeamSpeak pays attention to detail. For example, your package should not contain unused files which are not referenced anywhere and more importantly may not contain references to files which are missing from the package.

    Also, your add-on must contribute to the user experience in some way. This means you cannot throw together a poor quality add-on just to get the "Creator of TeamSpeak Addons" badge. TeamSpeak may reject the add-on if they get the impression that no effort was spent on creating the add-on.

    Review Process

    All add-on submissions must be reviewed by a TeamSpeak staff member. When you submit your add-on for the first time, it will not be available via the myTeamSpeak website and the TeamSpeak client until it passed review.

    Reviews are done by a human and may take any time from a couple of hours up to a couple of days depending on the current work load. Opening "When will my add-on be reviewed" threads on the forums does not help to speed up that process.

    Once your add-on is accepted, it will become available on the myTeamSpeak website and in the TeamSpeak client software.

    When uploading a new version of your add-on, the previous version will remain available for download until the new version has passed review. In case the review fails, the new version will be rejected and the previous version will remain available for download.

    As mentioned above, the reasons for disapproval will be communicated via email so make sure that you read those emails. You are free to re-submit your add-on for review after fixing the issues that lead to it's rejection.

    Note: You and the TeamSpeak staff may have different opinions on what is acceptable and what is not. Remember to remain polite when dealing with rejection.

    Further Reading

    You may also be interested to learn about some best practices with regards to add-on development.
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