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    Unable to connect to server until another request is made

    I am a sysadmin and quite expert in dealing with teamspeak configurations, but this is puzzling me:

    I have a OpenVZ VPS with Ubuntu 14.04 minimal freshly installed, configured as LAMP server and teamspeak 3 server. No networking / hardware issues of any sort.

    And here is the issue, while webserver is working greatly, it looks like teamspeak doesn't allow connections until the client ip opens another kind of connection to the server.

    For example:

    When a Client tries a connection to teamspeak, it receives a "Failed to connect to server", no matter how many tries (tested with multiple clients and different IPs).
    Teamspeak server log looks "quiet".
    Teamspeak client log looks also quiet (no errors, no warnings) like the following:

    31/01/2018 09:50:58 ClientUI Info Lookup finished: port=9987 error=0
    31/01/2018 09:50:58 ClientUI Info Resolve successful:
    31/01/2018 09:50:58 ClientUI Info Initiating connection:
    31/01/2018 09:50:58 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connecting
    31/01/2018 09:51:03 ClientUI Info Connect status: Disconnected

    But if the client makes any other kind of connection to the server (either visiting a page hosted there, or logging via ssh, downloading file via ftp) prior to trying a teamspeak connection, it connects flawlessly.

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    Talk to your VPS tech support. This is clearly not a TeamSpeak problem.

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