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    Question Channel group - ignoring passwords does not work


    I have a question because for some time I've been fighting one thing, viz.

    I want to do something so that the people I choose do not have to enter the server password. Mainly I mean invite links.

    The problem is that when I generate a token for a channel group in which I have the options: "ignore channel passwords" and "ignore server password" (because my server is password protected) then after clicking on the invitation link the end result is that, my token server treats it as being used, but requests entering a server password. Exactly, my question is why does it ask for it, since the option to ignore passwords is enabled in this group?

    How can I force TS3 (server) to use a token that is assigned to a particular channel rank with the option to ignore passwords allowed people without this question for the server password ????

    Interestingly, when the same parameters are included in the server rank, the problem disappears. However, I am interested in:

    The person "X" could enter the "Y" channel with the "Z" (channel) rank.

    How can I fix this error by entering the hash to the server ....?

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    We retested what you plan here.
    The problem seems that the server checks the channel group permission from the set default channel from server.
    It should work, when the user has the voice group in server's default channel.

    Better solution (not perfect) to ignore the server password is to use server group instead a channel group.
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    See my screen. permission list

    Click image for larger version. 

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    After completing various tests with channel groups, I inferred the following. The current version of the server software has some "bug" that makes it impossible to ignore server and channel passwords, despite the fact that these parameters are included in a given channel group ...

    Another thing is that when a person logs in from the invitation link with the password parameters for the room, it looks like the server will try again the server password when it tries to log in again, where it should not be done.

    In my previous posts screenshots are shown, which show that from my side are correctly set the parameters of the channel group permissions.

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