The problem with the microphone.
Good day.
Prehistory. For voice recording, I use akg perception 120 and the premiere art tube mp project series.
A few days ago my microphone stopped working. More precisely, it works, but only if all the settings are made maximum (the volume is 100 and the gain is 30db), after that my voice is audible, but it is distorted and with horrible hindrances.
At the same time, in applications for voice recording, the microphone continues to work well. In Windows, in the microphone settings> listen> listen from this device> put a tick a miracle! everything also works great.
What do you advise?
P.S. Yes) I chose the device in the settings and Windows and ts3 correctly ...
I tried to change the driver to both the newest and the previous version, and the old versions. Also I reinstalled Windows (I used Windows 10 before) today I tried Windows 7, as well as on version 10, I went through different versions of the driver. Tried without a driver (ie with the standard from Windows, tried different versions of ts3. Nothing helps.