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    Client example unhandled exception after relocation

    Hi guys, help me please. I have problem with running client application from sdk examples. When it(client app) be in folder with sdk (ts3_sdk_dotNet_0.2)all work fine, but after I try to change folder client crashes, server app works fine(in another folders). Console says that it don't see ts3client.dll, I tried add this files from bin folder, but it doesn't work.

    What I should do?
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    Best regards, your friend, Alex.

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    So, it works if I use folder with SDK and rename it to "ts3_sdk_3.0.4", but is it possible to use without full sdk? Waiting your answer, continue testing.

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    you most likely neglected to properly initialize the library. See this example. If you're not using the default directory structure provided with the SDK download, you'll need to provide the correct paths to the sdk files on library initialization.
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    Exactly! I searched, but missed, thank you!

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