In the latest update to TeamSpeak on iOS, all other audio gets turned way down when TeamSpeak is running. This includes music, games, and TeamSpeak's own voice announcements, as well as notification sounds. I also notice that other audio gets collapsed to mono, so the left and right separation on music is gone, for instance. I use VoiceOver and the volume of that isn't affected, which tells me TeamSpeak is setting some kind of system flag differently than it did in the previous update. This makes sense in certain situations (game audio / music / videos might be louder than other users on the server, for instance) but as something that can't be disabled, it just wrecks the usability of the app. I don't want to have to close TeamSpeak to listen to a video, and I certainly don't want to miss messages coming in because the alerts are now at 20% of normal volume. Please fix this.