I haven't opened TeamSpeak 3 in a while, but last time I used it, it was working properly (this was about a month ago). I had the push to talk key set to tilde (`).

I come back now and find it's not transmitting. I go into settings and play with a few things; it won't recognize anything at all. I go into my computer's control panel and make sure it's detecting the right microphone; it is not. Strange, because it worked just fine on Discord picking up the proper mic.

Anyways, I got that taken care of, so I go back to Team Speak. I try running a test and pushing the button to hear it transmit. No dice. I try changing the button up to a different button. No dice. I switch to continuous and voice-recognition testing, to see if it's picking up my microphone at all. Both of these it recognized. But for some reason, both in settings menu and on the client itself, pushing the PTT button doesn't do jack. The blue light does not light up, and my voice is not transmitted.

I tried to uninstall the client entirely and re-install it; this did not work. I tried rebooting my computer; this did not work.

I'm not exactly sure what else to attempt at this point, so I was hoping for some help in the field.