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    Teamspeak Android bug disconnect server


    I found another bug, with the new 3.1.8 beta version of teampeak for android.

    When I disconnect myself from any server, touch the back key, and the following message appears to me:

    When you touch the "Disconnect"button, and you close the server window, and up to it all right.

    But it appears to me that the app is still active and still connected to that server that I closed before, as in the screen:

    Solve the problem as soon as possible, and annoying.

    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dony1131 View Post

    There's a bug with Teamspeak 3.1.8 for Android, when I disconnect myself from any server, it says "Disconected", but it doesn't disconnect, and the app remains active in the notifications area.

    Please fix it, and it's very annoying, because every time I disconnect myself from a server, the app remains active on that particular server, and to close the app I have to go into the app area of android and touch "ends".

    Solve, thank you
    Application can not be stopped.
    Displayed notification
     You are connected to: Official TeamSpeak Public Test Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoloDE View Post
    Application can not be stopped.
    Displayed notification
     You are connected to: Official TeamSpeak Public Test Server
    Same Problem.

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    We are aware of this (old) bug and have it on our to do.

    It sounds you all have it every time you use the app. That wasn't not the case for us when we did test that.
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    Connected to server notification remaining after disconnect and closing TS3 client.

    Server is 3.2.0, Android client is 3.1.8 running on Pixel XL with 8.1.0

    Connected to server. From desktop was testing changes to channel description. After disconnecting from the server and backing out of TS3 to close/exit the notification in the Android pulldown remains. If I click it it just reopens the TS3 client. Even after removing TS3 from recent apps the notification remains.

    So far only way I've found to remove it is to restart the phone.
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