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    ClientQuery - edit own description via ServerQuery

    How does one change the description of their own client via the ClientQuery ? Assuming I have the "b_client_modify_own_description" permission and I can change my own description via the TeamSpeak3 GUI.

    I do not have any permission regarding database edits (so no "b_client_modify_dbproperties")

    As far as documentation goes, only "clientupdate" is used to update client owned properties, but that one doesn't support the description.

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    The query command is
    clientdbedit cldbid=xx client_description=Test\sdescription!
    And permission b_client_modify_description needs to enabled when you set it on another user or b_client_modify_own_description when you use your own Query login to edit your own description.
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    See, that's also what I tried first. But I get greeted by this lovely error messge:

    clid=51 cid=9
    error id=0 msg=ok
    clientgetuidfromclid clid=51
    notifyclientuidfromclid schandlerid=9 clid=51 cluid=********************************* nickname=*******
    error id=0 msg=ok
    clientgetdbidfromuid cluid=*********************************
    notifyclientdbidfromuid schandlerid=9 cluid=********************************* cldbid=12478
    error id=0 msg=ok
    clientdbedit cldbid=12478 client_description=Test
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=228
    228 is presumably b_client_modify_dbproperties, which I do not have. I definitely do have b_client_modify_own_description though, because I can set my description in the GUI Client.
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    permsid=b_client_modify_own_description permid=228
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    Even in older server builds ( ? Looking at some online resources, 228 seemed to be b_client_modify_dbproperties a couple of version ago. It is really weird, because I can change my own description in the GUI client.
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    Those server versions are not supported anymore.
    Please use or latest 3.1.0 beta.
    In the 3.1.0 servers 228 is b_client_modify_own_description.
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    OP is right, Chris. Changing the description via ClientQuery does need DB editing permissions. In fact, b_client_modify_dbproperties is a pointless permission, because the description is the only thing that can be edited via clientdbedit. There is nothing* else. What you suggest, Chris, is only valid for ServerQuery clients, that can use clientupdate (..._own_description) and clientedit (_description).

    * = Documentation says you can also use it to allow an offline client to talk in that offline client's current channel while that client is at the same time not currently connected and connected to a moderated channel. TeamSpeak logic.

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