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    [Beta] Hosted TS3 Webinteface with ts3admin.class

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    Hi guys,

    at the moment I am developing a teamspeak 3 webinterface based on the ts3admin.class.
    It is designed to manage every instance of ts3. All you need is your initially generated serveradmin user and password.
    It is a hosted solution. So you don't need to download, edit and install any files on your own webspace.

    There is only one simple requirement that has to be done before using it. But this should be a simple task for the teamspeak owner and administrator. You have to edit the query_ip_whitelist.txt with an IPv4 and an IPv6 address and restart the teamspeak 3 instance that it will take effect. Both addresses are shown on the login page of the webinterface. That is required to prevent your serveradmin account to get temporarily banned because of flooding.

    There is no database behind it, no storing of any information you enter.

    Please note that the webinterface is mostly developed and designed in german language.

    But now let's list the functions you can use from now on:
    • login and logout
    • view the instance information
    • view the last 50 instance log entries
    • shutdown the whole instance
    • view a list of virtual servers
    • create, start, stop, delete or select a virtual server
    • view the last 50 virtual server log entries
    • edit the selected virtual server
    • send a global message to a virtual server
    • view the channel list
    • create, edit, delete a channel
    • see the clients inside the channel by clicking on the channel name with mic/headphone on/off and server/channel groups
    • get a few information by hovering the client name
    • get user details by clicking on the client name
    • poke a client on the user detail page
    • kick or ban a client on the user detail page
    • view the token list
    • create and delete server/channel token
    • view the ban list
    • clear the whole ban list
    • manually add new bans by uid, ip or name
    • view the server groups
    • create, rename or delete server groups
    • view the clients of a server group
    • view the server groups permissions
    • create, rename or delete channel groups
    • view the channel groups permissions

    What I am planning to do for the future:
    • complete the permissions management by adding, deleting and changing permissions
    • maybe uploading icons
    • maybe uploading files
    • other improvements
    • ...

    Please also note that I am developing this webinterface in my leasure time.
    So it could be that it can take some time to implement new features or change them.

    So many words for this webinterface

    If you want to test or use it, just go to
    Feel free to contact me via this thread to send me some feedback. Otherwise there is the opportunity to send me some feedback via my homepage. Just register and start a new thread.
    On my homepage there is also a changelog (in german).

    Thanks a lot!
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