Hi Devs

I've had some strange bugs in the latest mobile app (revamped UI 3.1.8) that didn't exist in the previous versions. I'm running on a LG V30 (OS 7.1.2) on current patch (01 DEC 2017). The playback method is Music but sometimes the app turns itself over to Voice Call. I think it might even create its own 2nd Voice Call interface? When this happens, I get a 2nd volume slider for voice call showing up in the volume menu. When I disconnect from the server and back out of TS no sound will come out of the speaker until I force kill TS or reboot the phone.

The 2nd issue is not being able to close the app. When I disconnect from the server and back out of TS, it stays running in the notification bar. I've tried a number of things to get the app to close with no success. The only solution has been to reboot the phone.

Thank you for all your hard work over the years and making THE BEST VoIP app on the market. Please let me know if I can help in resolving this issue i.e. logs or beta testing.

Best Regards