If I am globally away, why should the system not be allowed to sleep?
Now I know some users may not want this, but it would be very kind and accommodating to have an option "Allow system to sleep when globally away" for those of us that want to save power rather than be continually active.
I ran a few tests (in Windows) and see that when the program accesses the audio driver the system is prevented from auto sleeping. Maybe this is a consequence of simply accessing the audio and the program can't do anything about it.
In that case, I'd simply ask that those who have this option enabled lose the ability to access audio (in both directions) while globally away, and that would solve the problem.
Making this request an OPTION means that TeamSpeak can behave as it always has AND accommodate power conscious users like myself.

Please consider it, for me and the planet.

And if others read this and think "ME TOO" then please speak up so that the developers can see there's some weighted interest.


PS. I know I could simply close TeamSpeak when I'm done with it, but, this really defeats the purpose of auto sleeping, which is a nice feature of Windows. Every other program I use works in harmony with this feature so I am relieved of the burden of having to ask myself "what programs do I need to close and clean up before I walk away from my computer", and that is a really nice thing to not have to think about; also I don't have to reopen it later and reconnect to wherever I was. People use their phones and handheld devices this way and it really is a useful and valuable feature.