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    Server 3.1 doesn't start (asks for license)

    Hi I just got my first VPS around a week ago and I would like to open a ts3 server on it. I am semi new to linux but I learn quickly. Basically when I run it says:

    Starting the TeamSpeak 3 server
    Please set the environment variable TS3SERVER_LICENSE to "accept" in order to accept the license agreement.
    Alternatively, create a file named ".ts3server_license_accepted" in the working directory or start the server with the command line parameter "license_accepted=1".
    To view the license agreement set TS3SERVER_LICENSE to "view" in order to print the license to the console.
    Alternatively view the file "LICENSE" in your favorite text viewer yourself.
    TeamSpeak 3 server could not start

    I am using WinSCP and PuTTY to view and edit server files. Any information that I don't know is helpful information.

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