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    Guide easy TS3 Server as Service in 3 clicks


    This is a free version guide how to set up your Windows TS3 Server to start before login in like 3 clicks.

    The programm is free for Private use.

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    1. Start RunAsService.exe as a local administrator.
    2. Press button install RunasRob.
    3. Select application you want to run as service.

    After each restart of system, the application is running as service with system privileges, wether a user is logged in or not.

    Works like a charm! No need to buy AlwaysUP or FireDaemon Pro or do some crazy registry stuff.


    Hope this helps some people that have trouble with it.


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    who in their right mind wants the teamspeak service to run at system privileges? what if the teamspeak is compromised from a zero day exploit and the service is ran with that permission? the entire box could be lost.

    need a solution to run as a service with a service account that has limited access to the rest of the system.

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    I agree the idea behind this is great but you are on a big risk running the server in a from us unsupported way (as Admin).

    Admin is not needed for our server or client to run.
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    do not use the guide in this thread, if you run teamspeak with this permission level you are at security risk.

    i wrote a guide how to run the new teamspeak 3 server as a service properly here:

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