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    my MyTeamSpeak account got hacked.

    So someone got the information for my myTeamSpeak account and signed in to my account and griefed my TeamSpeak, which I fixed my TeamSpeak after, I changed the email, I changed the password, and I even changed the username and added a recovery key, and the person that hacked me is still logged on to my TeamSpeak account, I want to know if there is a way to kick him off my TeamSpeak account since if he logs off the TeamSpeak account he can't log back on because he doesn't know the information for it. He just didn't log off yet. Is there any possible way to kick them off my TeamSpeak account?

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    I'm sorry for you that this happened!

    In case he doesn't know your new password:
    The other guys isn't logged in anymore into your account as soon you change the account password and his client contacts the myTeamSpeak service.
    He will be logged out and only have the cached data which are not bound to your account anymore.

    The bad thing he already got all your data and you need to create a new identity and transfer all your server permissions to the new one and delete all permissions from the old identity.
    And you may change server passwords in case

    And you eventually should create a new recovery key for your account under "Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak".
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