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    Disable/Hide community badges in server settings... [GER]


    Hallo zusammen,

    wir hatten vor mehreren Monaten zusammen mit TeamSpeak eine Diskussion auf Twitter bezüglich des Themas "Deaktivieren der Community Badges". Da wir diese Badges als Werbung für andere Server sehen bzw generell als Werbung, möchten wir eine Funktion haben, womit wir das anzeigen dieser Badges Serverseitig deaktivieren können. Denn wenn es Badges für Community TeamSpeaks wie den der RocketBeans gibt ist das echt eine verdammt freche Werbung...
    TeamSpeak meinte sie gucken was die best mögliche Lösung ist und seitdem ist ja auch sehr viel passiert. Nichts. Ohh doch... es werden keine weiteren verteilt... Unsere Schuld tschuldigung

    Zum Beispiel könnte man mit:
    b_hide_event_badges - Erlauben/Verbieten ob Badges der z.B. Gamescom gezeigt werden sollen.
    b_hide_community_badges - Erlauben/Verbieten ob Badges für Communitys wie z.B. den RocketBeans gezeigt werden sollen.

    Links zu der Erwähnten Twitter Konversation:

    Ich bin für jede Unterstützung dankbar und hoffe das wir bald eine gute Lösung für alle haben.

    Dann mal fröhliches Diskutieren und noch einen schönen Tag!


    Hello all together,

    A few month ago we had a discussion with TeamSpeak on Twitter about deactivating the community badges.
    Since we look at these badges as advertising for other servers or in general as advertising, we would like to have a function to deactivate these badges. Because if there are badges for community TeamSpeaks, as in RocketBeans this is unfair against other TeamSpeak Server who pay for their servers.
    TeamSpeak ment to look for a solution. Unfortunately nothing happend....they only stopped the distribution. Our fault sooorry

    For example you could use:
    b_hide_event_badges - allows/denies if event badges are shown, eg Gamescom
    b_hide_community_badges - allows/denies if community badges are shown, eg RocketBeans

    Links to the mentioned tweets

    I am thankful for any support and hope for the best possible solution.

    Looking forward to a great discussion.

    Have a nice day!
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    No news about it? I believe a simple permission in server-side to hide/show badges is the perfect decision...


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    a option to disable will be nice.
    i don´t wan´t to see this on my server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zzzkeil View Post
    a option to disable will be nice.
    i don´t wan´t to see this on my server.
    Yap. Me too. Its really annoying everyone with the same badge:
    "Gamescom bla bla bla 2018"
    "Gamescom bla bla bla 2018"
    "Found Tim Speak at Gamescom 2018"

    @dante696 can you please take a look at this topic and report to developers team?


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    Just kick the people then. Otherwise it's a client side issue (be it human or ts3 client).

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    Ability to theme badges

    As it is way too easy to "earn" badges now, I'd really like to be able to hide them from the tree and move them into the client info frame instead to get rid of the icon clutter.

    At least give us new placeholders for the client info frame or some other way of compiling a list of badges along with their description just like server groups so we don't have to hover over each icon and wait for the tooltip to learn what they mean.

    Especially with all those re-colored TeamSpeak icons, I always forget which one means what.
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    I agree there should be an option to move the badges to the info box using a skin, although it would be convenient if this was simply included with teamspeak, as none of these badges are needed on an immediate basis.

    And for that reason, I think the 3 badges should be aligned in a horizontal manner in the info box such that it looks like
    "Badges: (1) (2) (3)"
    where the '()' indicate icons. This would require the hover functionality seeing as, again, I don't believe that information is needed on an immediate basis.

    On a side note: love using your work RandomHost, thank you

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    Lightbulb Possibility to turn off myTeamspeak badges (server side)

    I would take it very much if you can add a feature to the server-settings, where ppl can turn off the badges.
    Really helpful for server with a large number of icons.

    or a simple switch off function on the client side ( like the display function for country flag and overwolf )
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    Is there any news on that? Badges are just confusing and annoying. There should be server-side setting to not display them at all.

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    In TS5 there is an option to hide badges. If you don´t like them just turn them off for yourself.

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