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    [need help] Auto mover (on leave -> go back

    Hello ppl,

    first of all i want to say sorry for my bad english.

    Now my Problem: i ver like/love the ts3 server of a freind of mine and want that ppl see, if they go online, an organized and clen server. We run several Musicbots on our server but all the time ppl move them into their server but never move them back so i need to "clean" up. What i/we need is a automod wich moves the bots back into their channel if the ppl leaves.

    i.g: User 1 joins Channel 1
    user 1 Moves Musicbot1 to Channel 1
    User1 leaves teamspeak server/Channel1
    Musicbot1 get the command "Onleave -> go back)
    Musicbot1 moves to Musicbot channel

    Again sorry for bad english language.

    Hope ppl can help me

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    Hi there. here is what i did on my own server : ppl are not allowed to mov the music bot. However, they can connect in a new tab an other client and move to the music channel. like so, they are connected 2 times and hear thing from the channel they are and the music. It is the best solution.

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