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    Micro-stuttering & FPS-drops when pushing mouse-buttons!

    I experience annoying micro-stuttering & FPS-drops in-game, when pushing mouse-buttons while TS3 is running in the background.
    Is there any way I can fix this?...
    I have never had this problem when running Discord for example...

    (NO!... it is NOT my computer that sucks!... and it ONLY happens when I push the mouse-buttons...)

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    It's a shame you guys are not more interested in helping your users...
    So I guess me and my friends are forced to use Discord instead then :-(

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    It's not like nobody wants to help you on this free forum.
    But nobody who did read this thread has an answer to your problem. We also don't have one.

    The only things i could tell you are
    1. tell us which client version you are using
    2. offer us a client log
    3. turn off the "Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support" plugin under Tools -> Options -> Addons.
    4. Switch USB places for Mouse (and USB Headset).
    5. Updating your drivers
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