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    Banning someone for DDOS attacks

    Hi guys,

    First post here and limited knowledge so please point me to the right place if this is not the one. Thanks.

    I have an admin role on a TS3 server. Someone connected to the TS - he's known for DDOS-ing and I took immediate action banning him permanently (I also explained this to him). Following this he DDOS me pretty much immediately, and that killed my internet connection for few hours yesterday. Today, he connected with a different username to the same server and followed-up with other threats if "i ban him again". Then, I immediately got DDOS-ed again today.

    I tried changing some security settings on my router, etc.

    My question is: given that I know his Discord #, his username on TS3 - can anyone ban this guy in a more efficient way? Or can my IP do something about it?

    Thanks for your help!

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    The only one who can do sth. here is you.

    You may rent a server where a DDOS protect ion exists.
    Or you change your IP / Server Nickname or domain so that this guys doesn't know your address any longer.
    You make a complaint against this person (OR user with that IP) at your local police station.
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    That's one of the many disadvantages of running a server at home. You give away your IP address to everyone and are pretty much open to all sorts of attacks.

    There is little you can do, especially against large scale DDoS attacks. Pretty much the only protection against DDoS is to route your traffic through a professional provider that offers DDoS protection. They have the bandwidth to handle large scale attacks and the know-how to mitigate such attacks before the traffic reaches your server.

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