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    Server Shutdown issues

    I was trying to shutdown my server and have been unable to, do to me being an idiot and not getting the serveradmin password and stuff for the ServerQuery when it was first brought online. Given this, I apparently can't change the password because that requires a restart which I can't figure out how to do, and I can't make a ServerQuery login that has the permissions, is there a way to shut it down without the serveradmin login, or to get a ServerQuery login that can, or a place in the files where I can find the login info?

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    There is no way to get the password in case you did not write it down or still have opened in terminal or windows popup.
    What you could do when you have a graphical interface is to do a right click on the Server icon in your system tray and press on Exit.

    In worst case and not suggested you could kill the process. Make sure there is no action on your server(s) to avoid a database mess up.
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    I completely forgot the system tray was a thing, and closed it there, and achieved what I wanted. This is usually the case when I have technical issues, I forget something obvious and it's really simple. Thanks!

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