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    View who moved the channels around?

    As the title said. Is there a way to view and find out who is moving the actual channels?
    Thanks in advance.

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    No this is not possible unless you are on the server when it happens, in which case you will have it listed in the server chat tab by default.

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    The 3rd dimension
    I have had similar issues with the lack of logging ability with teamspeak. It is very incomplete logging.

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    Why has this basic feature still not been added after so many years?

    Proper, detailed logs are one of the most important things for a server admin and are essential to find bugs or any other problems.

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    Moving channels around does not cause bugs or problems mate. The channel ID does not change when you move them so I do not get why you would log this. Also normally you set up the server and the channels do not get moved around a lot, so tell me please why you would want and need this?

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