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    Server ping increase


    Lately i'm having a problem on my teamspeak 3 server.

    It has been running fine for like a year now, but recently the pings of some clients are going up like crazy.

    The problem only appears in the evening, when more clients are online. And the strange thing is that when I have a ping of like 500ms on teamspeak and I ping the server directly I have a normal ping (around 20-30ms), when I ping from the server the ts3 server is hosted on it is fine also. The server has more than enough resources to run the server.
    Another strange thing is that not all clients experience this, some clients keep their normal ping.

    When I change my ip, via a vpn, my ping drops back to normal.

    So far I cannot find any indication on the server that would cause this.

    Does anyone have any idea how to solve this or where to look for answers?

    With kind regards

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    Just out of curiosity, are you able to monitor load (htop) and interface stats (iftop) while clients are connected and reporting issues?

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    ISPs might have set a lower priority for UDP or TS3. The latter could be tested with a different port.

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