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    Teamspeak 2 - Connection Timeout

    Hello guys,

    I am still using Teamspeak 2 for a game.

    Everyhing worked perfectly, but some month ago I started to get several disconnects and time outs.

    This is the log message I always get:

    08-03-18 18:10:48,3956,DEBUG,All,cb_NewPlayer,Image found
    08-03-18 18:10:48,3956,DEBUG,All,cb_NewPlayer,node added
    08-03-18 18:10:48,3956,DEBUG,All,cb_NewPLayer,Node Sorted
    08-03-18 18:10:48,3956,DEBUG,All,cb_initDone,initDone callback enter
    08-03-18 18:10:48,3956,DEBUG,All,cb_initDone,initDone callback done
    08-03-18 18:10:50,4188,WARNING,All,TImageWebGet.Execute,Exc eption EIdReadTimeout: Read Timeout

    Using Window7

    Any advises ? Thanks

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    We are not giving TS2 support any longer.

    You and your friends should use TeamSpeak 3 instead.
    There are more advantages than TS2 ever had
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