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    Push to talk is working like voice activation

    Like i said in tittle i assign NUM5 and i dont need to press it to hear me

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    Push to talk is not active in current capture profile or your NUM5 key is stuck.

    1. Check your capture profile under settings -> options and set PTT
    (2. In case you have a second capture profile) Open your bookmarks manager and select Advanced. Now you can see and set the capture profile for your bookmark(s). Ser the capture profile where PTT is set. And then reconnect to server.

    edit for next user with that problem.
    Or an installed custom plugin is doing that.
    Try to delete the plugin(s) that could cause this
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    I found the solution i had to delete plugins which i installed and after that everything is working properly

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    Push-To-Talk acts like Voice Activation

    Everytime I enable push to talk it still works like voice activation. To have a push to talk sort of thing I need a key binding for muting and unmuting my mic, which is really annoying. The push to talk key still activates my mic, but talking also activates my mic.

    This is very annoying, because I don't want to uninstall to fix or revert all of my settings.

    It's been happening for a while, and I have tried fiddling with the settings on multiple occasions.

    Here are my voice settings:
    Version: 3.1.8 Windows
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    Ts3 voice activation on although I have not set it?

    Hello I have a problem on Ts3. I've set it to push to talk. It works, but when I'm talking, even though I do not hold down the push-to-talk button, my friends hear me. It happened when I tried to make a music bot. On the Musikbot profile I have been on a permanent basis so it makes no sense that it is because of that. When I connecte on the server I selected my standard profile. So I have everything on standard.
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