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Thread: Retrieving Data

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    Retrieving Data

    Hey just a question. Some dude in my teamspeak had this for a while and hes not lagging out. Is this a plugin or a glitch? no one can get his ip and stuff thank you.

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    He blocks packets that should be send to a server.
    Do yourself a favor and tell him to stop it on your server and ban him in case he doesn't stop doing this.

    topic closed - we have enough of such discussions of modified clients
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    TS doesnt show conenction data

    Our TS won´t show any client connection data like IP adress and received packets.
    I have server admin rights while b_client_custom_info_view AND b_client_info_view are checked.
    Still "retrieving data".
    I can not see the data of any other ID, neither of a test id of myself nor anyone elses or from my own IP even.

    What could the cause be?

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    Thats illegal and doesnt belong in this forum!
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    Allright, you tell me why? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftMausKlick View Post
    Allright, you tell me why? lol
    He's just memeing the staff in this forum.
    The client doesn't show any info, because it's not sending it to you. With external programs you can prevent your teamspeak from sending these client info update commands when somebody is trying to view your connection info. It's not an error on your side and there isn't anything you can do except ask. As far as I know Yatqa should still be able to at least get the IP of that client.

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